pura [poo’-rah] adjective Spanish

1. Pure, free, unmingled.
2. Only, just.  

sana [sah’-nah] adjective Spanish

1. Healthy
2. Sound, healthy, wholesome.

Purasana: natural, organic skin care to support your
choice to live healthfully and beautifully every day.

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Welcome to Purasana, the natural and organic skincare solution for the mindful consumer.  We believe in conscious ingredients, alternative botanic medicinals and proven results. Our skin care products were created on these concepts: an everyday skin care regimen using naturally sourced ingredients boosted by therapeutic grade essential oil additives to treat common skin care concerns.

To nourish and treat your skin in the purest, most natural way,  Purasana Skin Care eliminates chemical preservatives and artificial ingredients.  We strive to use naturally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible for each product. Our products are effective, with professional results, and have never been tested on animals.

Whether you are looking for a basic, easy to follow skin care maintenance routine or to address particular concerns related to your skin type, Purasana is an effective, organic choice.  So, go ahead- treat yourself and take care!